What will happen to Korean language when the two Koreas are reunified?

by Yerim Lee

Language has its own power. The power of language can be a tool to rule other countries because language can shape how people think and express things. For example, when Japan colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945, Korean people learned Japanese at school and they were forced to use only Japanese. It’s because Japanese people wanted to rule not only the territory of Korea but also the mind and soul of Korean people. In these days, however, language is not used as a way of ruling other countries, but it is used to have more power in terms of economic, politic, or social aspects. Related to this power of language, one question has arisen in my mind. What will happen to Korean language when the two Koreas are reunified?

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Language Gap in Korean Language

Yu-Ting, Liu

In 2014, I made the decision to study abroad in Seoul to enrich my life and academic experiences. I was fresh from two memorable semesters studying abroad in South Korea, and I had found that my English speaking improved a lot after the student exchange program. I was very lucky to have had a chance to experience a new culture and meet people from all over the world. However, there are some observations about Korean language that I would like to share.

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English Fever in South Korea: Survival Tool VS Communication Tool

Posted by Yuting Zhao

In our last class, we discussed how social status causes linguistic variations and how time-related factors, such as age grading, is relevant to language change. In the presentation, our classmates further elaborated the perceptions and attitudes of senior citizens towards English and English learning in Korea. These topics are all very intriguing and make me reflect again on the ‘English Fever’ in globalized context at the moment.

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